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Digital Writing Wiki

"Not since the steam engine has any invention disrupted business models like the Internet. Whole industries including music distribution, yellow-pages directories, landline telephones, and fax machines have been radically reordered by the digital revolution." - John Sununu


Definition of digital writing:
Digital writing is something that has recently become a medium in which people communicate. People are no longer writing letters or even using phones to call people but instead are opting for quicker emails, and text messages that allow for one to be in multiple conversations at once without having to be fully engaged in the conversation all at one time. Digital media is moving towards becoming the main source of communication for people and with that, there are certain rules and proper ways of etiquette to work with. The following blog has been created by students at Indiana University to explore the proper forms of digital media, specifically what they are and how to properly use digital media in today's society. We as a course have spent the semester learning what digital technology is, how individuals use digital technology, and how technology has changed writing.

The emergence of digital writing has affected many aspects of writing, most specifically audience. Digital writing has provided authors with a infinite audience. Where letters and other more traditional forms of writing have a finite audience, digital writing has effectively expanded the potential audience by making writing available for view by millions of people via the world wide web.

Rhetoric in Digital Writing

Rhetoric requires understanding a fundamental division between what is communicated through language and how this is communicated. -Silva Rethoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric

In digital writing, the goal is to modify an author's message to make sense through a digital medium. Whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or blogs, new authors are being created every day through newly defined platforms of communication. This wiki site exists to provide information and an understanding of digital writing in regards to the following:

-Cultural Context

How Digital Writing is Used Through Various Genres

Rhetorical Analysis of Digital Writing

Marketing in the Digital Age(Group Wiki)

Bloggers Rhetoric: Connecting to Audiences in the Digital Age

Rhetoric and Digital Writing in the Classroom

Internet Fandom for Dummies

Teaching the Tools of Digital Writing

Music and Media: A Lucrative Connection

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