1 500 To 100 00

In episode one of DayToday, Wiz Khalifa reported that he had 1,500 followers on Twitter. The eager rapper urged his audience to go follow him on the social networking site. While his request didn't state his intention explicitly, it was obvious he wanted to increase the quantity of fans composing his digitally visible fan-base. More fans mean more sales, and more sales means more money.


Episode 1

Audience Engagement

Ending the first episode, Wiz Khalifa zooms in on the information necessary to follow his Twitter page (i.e. the name of his Twitter account). Here he can be seen requesting feedback from fans on what to call the series, offering up music, and promoting the following of his Twitter account. Notice their is nothing particularly exceptional about the quality of the video recording itself. However, what is exceptional is Wiz's audience engagement. He looks straight at the camera the majority of the time that he's speaking, as opposed to aimlessly around in space. He speaks with enthusiasm, variation in pitch, and directly to the viewer. This is one of the series' keys to success. Success for the series, based on the apparent aims of its originator Wiz Khalifa, is determined by the size of the fan-base. A larger fan-base equals more success; a smaller fan-base equals less success.

Sensual Stimulation

Another key to success for the series is sensual stimulation. In this particular episode, as in most of the episodes of the series, there is never a moment where the viewer is not being bombarded by the sights and sounds of intended entertainment. For example, Wiz is either talking, watching a video, or focusing in on promotional information in this particular episode. There are no real "dry" moments where the viewer is left with the empty space of long pauses—the space is constantly being filled up.

Episode 17

Vicarious Thrill

In this episode, Wiz ecstatically announces his goal of garnering 100,000 followers on Twitter has been accomplished. Immediately after showing signs of excitement, Khalifa goes right back to employing one of his keys to success. This time, the key unlocking the door of success is his offering of a vicarious thrill. The instant where he states that his fans are "doing 100" right along with him is a microcosm for what could be considered the central key to success of the show. The fact that the viewer follows along in his adventures offers them the opportunity to live the life without actually living the life. For better or for worse, the viewer is allowed to be there when he is living the 'high life' in suites in Las Vegas as well as when he is passing out from being too drunk. This is the source of the vicarious thrill that has made DayToday the internet buzz that it has been…and Wiz Khalifa the millionaire he is today.

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