Rhetoric and Digital Writing in the Classroom

Rhetoric, Genre, and Ethnographies: A Teacher's Perspective

The main purpose of this Wiki is to explain the various ways that Rhetoric and Digital Media can be utilized and to give the reader a better understanding of how to effectively use the tools of Rhetoric, Genre, and an Ethnography. Each link will delve into a specific topic that will explain what each tool is and how to add these tools into a classroom. After reading through the information present, hopefully teachers and others who are pondering on the values of Rhetoric, Genre, and Ethnography will get a better sense of various ways that you could implement these strategies into practices.

Implementation in the Classroom

There are many ways to include digital writing or rhetorical strategies in a classroom setting. As a teacher, having a grasp on these basic tools could completely enhance both their and the student's classroom experience. This wiki is designed for English teachers so that they might begin incorporating rhetorical practices, knowledge of genre, and ethnographies into their curriculum, teacher websites, or teaching styles in general.

Ethnographies in the Classroom

As a teacher, it can be a struggle to engage our students who are digital natives in non-digital ways. So why not take the learning to them? Using Ethnographies in the Classroom discusses how one might use an ethnography in the classroom. This is a potential lesson plan for you to use, on how to integrate digital writing into your class.

Rhetoric within a Teacher's Website

A Teacher's Website - A Rhetorical Guide explains how to create a teacher website with rhetorical strategies in mind. This will address the use of pathos, logos, and ethos in the creation of a teacher's website, and how to successful set up a website to maximize potential. The effectiveness and reasoning for focusing on rhetoric will also be examined to show why the use of good rhetoric is essential and how rhetoric allows a teacher to better connect and inspire their students through a website.

Teaching with Rhetoric

Knowing the ins and outs of rhetorical teaching is beneficial to any teacher seeking to enhance both their and the student's classroom experience. Incorporating rhetoric into one's personal teaching style can help engage students when being introduced to new material. The main pillars of rhetoric (logos, pathos, and ethos) can each be used by a teacher to appeal to students more.

Digital Media within the Classroom

Implementing Digital Genre in the Classroom informs the argument for teaching digital genre in the classroom and suggests ways to effectively implement digital genre as a tool of analysis in the high school English class.

Supplementary Pages:

What is Rhetoric? - A brief overview of what rhetoric looks like.
What is Genre? - A brief overview of genre and how it works in digital writing.

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