Importance Of Marketing In The Digital Age


Digital marketing, while still relatively new, has grown exponentially as more and more mediums become more digitally based. Because of this many businesses have changed, including the world of marketing. By implementing the uses of the other wiki pages, one should be able to better understand why digital writing can have benefits for someone in the marketing field. Whether a user is in television, general marketing, music, gaming, or something else digital media can help. There are pros and cons to every one of these situations and digital marketing in general but one should be able to choose from these pages to understand the need for a better education in digital writing. (add more about here)

For memes, anyone can use them but not everyone understands them. They are a niche market that can grow exponentially over night if they are relatable to many. However they can also be used to target specific audiences if someone is in a smaller non-national market. It is important to realize who your audience is and the rhetorical uses for a meme that is created. Once someone has understood these steps they can better equip themselves to become successful in digital writing and use not only text, but images to further their products and gain more audience members and thus customers.

Digital writing can be a positive if done correctly but it can also be a negative if the plan has even the slightest misunderstanding. Because of this, one must thoroughly understand what the purpose of their meme is and the context it is creating. If someone does not do this correctly the meme can be completely misunderstood and lose it's audience members which are potential customers. There is a fine line between successful and unsuccessful memes and because of this one must be extremely careful with what a meme is saying.

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