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Companies perform intense research before they invest money in a marketing strategy. They want to be sure money is not wasted and that advertisements benefit the company by increasing sales. In this article I will discuss ways in which to ensure marketing success of a product/service within a community by performing demographic classifications and the using specialized language.

To achieve effective marketing strategy, a person must first identify where to advertise. In order to properly identify a place where marketing will be successful, types of individuals that make up a community must be identified. This can be determined with a high degree of accuracy by looking at what is common between individuals in a community. Once the ideal community for marketing has been chosen, the identification and use of specialized language within a community will allow, you as a marketer, to adjust advertisement so effectiveness is ensured. Because all products and services are unique, the communities where effective advertising can be realized and the way advertisements are employed vary greatly. In this article I will discuss the community,, which operates as the "world’s largest poker strategy resource online".


It is essential that marketers choose the proper place to market their good or service to prevent ineffective marketing, and wasting their money. Marketers can identify ideal communities for effective strategies by making educated demographic predictions about members that make up a community (audience). This is a useful strategy because these are the people that will likely view the advertisement. These predictions can easily and effectively be supported by evidence gathered by conducting surveys or studies of a specific community. This can lead to an increase in marketing effectiveness, by ensuring that a certain nature of persuasion (the purchase of a product/service) is likely to be effective. For example; a company advertising to increase sales by persuading viewers to buy an American flag will be much more effective in a community filled with Americans rather a community filled with French people. Proper audience identification can ensure effective marketing and lead to profit.

For example, let's consider the community which exists at The individuals who make up this community all have one thing in common: they love poker. Relatively accurate demographic predictions can be made about individuals participating in discussions within this community. For example, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the majority of individuals that make up this community are men. This assumption could be supported by conducting surveys; which would lead to concrete evidence that would likely support this assumption; that poker players (for the most part) are males. Because this community is for the most part made up of men, a product or service that gains revenue by selling to primarily male customers could be effectively advertised within this community. For example effective advertising (leading to increased sales) would be realized for products that men purchase because a lot of men would see the advertisement; male hygiene products for example. It would be unproductive to market a product or service within this community that profits from sale to females. Although some women do play poker and would see these advertisements, the relative effectiveness of marketing within this community (comprised for the most part by men) for a good or service geared towards women would be decreased compared to an advertisement within a community that is made up of primarily women; for example a maternity or women's fashion blog.

Specialized Language

A person can identify ways to successfully market their product or service within a community by identifying written rhetoric that already exists within a community. This rhetoric can be identified by examining the ways in which writing is used to resolve issues and conflicts that arise within a community.

The poker forum at is an applicable example. The purpose of this community is to provide poker lovers a place to educate themselves and others by sharing information and opinions on the topic of poker strategy. Writing within this community often includes the use of specialized language. An example of a post found within this community offers a good example of some of the specialized language that exists within this community:

"Just played like 20 hands on the table. So fare villain looks regish. Already check folded once or twice in 3bet pots. thats why i want to mix up my play and descided to check with a strong hand here. turn i fire for value as he didnt bit. and river i try to extract value again and he snyp shoves all in. not sure that to make of it not that many hands make scense in my mind. but its also unlikly he is bluffing. even more unlikly given his timing?!" - Anonymous Blogger

The use of specialized language within this post allows for the author to quickly and accurately communicate the situation at the poker table to readers who are familiar with the language. Some words and phrases that would not be familiar to a non-poker player: "looks regish", "shoves all in", and "bluffing". The effectiveness of an advertisement can be increased by first identifying this type of specialized language and using it within an advertisement. For example, if Degree deodorant wanted to advertise their product within this community their effectiveness of persuading viewers (to buy their product) could be increased by using specific specialized language. They could create an advertisement whose tagline could be: "Degree Deodorant… For those all-in moments". This would allow members of this community to more closely relate with the advertisement, because they would feel special in that they are part of a small group of people who understand this specialized language, and therefore the likelihood that they would go out and buy this product would be increased.


By utilizing the strategies presented above, you as a marketer will be able to ensure effective marketing. By simply identifying what individuals in a community have in common, making demographic predictions based on this common feature, and personally relating to individuals within a community, through the use of specific specialized language, marketing success can easily be achieved.

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