Marketing in the Digital Age: The Importance of Digital Writing

Overview of the Wiki

"Almost overnight, the Internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must." – Bill Schrader, businessman 

The overall goal of any company is to make a profit. To meet this goal, companies invest millions of dollars each year to market their goods and services. Effective marketing leads to increased profits by spreading awareness for products and shaping public perception of brand names. Ineffective marketing can lead to large financial losses and negative perceptions of brands.
With the blossoming of the digital era, the positive and negative effects of marketing haven't changed, but new marketing strategies have emerged. Specifically, the Internet has diversified marketing practices by providing an infinite number of media through which products may be advertised.

Our explanation of digital writing in the following pages is a helpful tool for anyone interested in marketing or already involved in the marketing field. We explain digital media such as memes, online communities, video blogs, and how digital rhetoric is used in everyday life. Understanding these facets of digital rhetoric will help any company improve their marketing practices.

Topics discussed within this wiki will increase one's understanding of marketing in the digital era so that the marketer will be able to succeed. We give him or her the tools to better control public perception and increase awareness of their products through the many channels of the Internet.

Importance of Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital marketing, while still relatively new, has grown exponentially as more mediums become digitized. For this reason many businesses have changed, expanded, and converged on the internet. By implementing the uses of digital writing this wiki page dedicates itself to educating, and providing examples of how to use digital writing for marketers. From each of the following sub-articles one should be able to grasp a better understanding of how digital writing can benefit the marketing field. Whether one is a user on TV show websites, "geek" forums, video blogs, meme sites, or poker forums, a background in digital writing and rhetoric can expand upon one's current marketing knowledge. With this knowledge one will be able to generate more profit and see how marketing is used online.  

Marketing and Television

An example of how to successfully tie multiple mediums together in a marketable way that utilizes viewer interactivity can be found here
This article analyzes AMC's "The Walking Dead" and its marketer's use of interactivity through multiple mediums to establish a strong following and community among its viewers.

Television has grown into one of the most popular forms of media in the world. Ninety nine percent of households in the United States contain at least one television. From a marketing standpoint, television offers a great way to expose a good or service to a large population. However, many marketers have caught on to this and adjusted accordingly, filling television air time with advertisement after advertisement. Just as well, television viewers have also adapted, learning to drown out the white noise that is a tv commercial. What many marketers have yet to realize, is the potential of user interactivity. By encouraging and facilitating interactivity among viewers between themselves and the good or service that is being advertised, marketers can help to form and cement a solid, loyal fan base. In this digital age, there are countless forms of mediums through which people can interact. This interaction gets viewers engaged and retains their attention, more so than the average television advertisement.

Marketing and video blogging

Online communication is a vast and swiftly changing media. When targeting a demographic, it can be near impossible to differentiate between genres and audiences. This article will discuss how to target certain groups through weblogging, and how to utilize rhetorical strategies through this form of online blogging.

Video blogging is an easy and accessible way to broaden a marketer's potential customer base. Because the internet is becoming an important way of spreading and acquiring knowledge, marketers should take advantage of this. Through video blogging marketers can target specific audiences. They can also attach an idea or mentality to their product.They can encourage consumers to view their product as more than a commodity.Through the example of the "It Gets Better" campaign, marketers can understand how to successfully spread an idea and create a community. Understanding how and why these techniques work can be the difference between success and failure. Because the internet is becoming such a prevalent way of life, marketers much learn how to navigate and utilize it. Keeping up with the digital age is more than a requirement in business and marketing.

Marketing Within Online Communities

Here I will discuss aspects of an online community that an online marketer should be aware of when deciding where and how to market a product or service.

Rhetoric, Forums and Marketing.

Computers are a must in today's world, and Tom's Hardware knows this. From the novice to the enthusiast, anyone interested in computer discussions is welcome at Tom's Hardware. Tom's Hardware is the go to site for computer problems and is also a fantastic example of a forum marketing model. By using moderation, logic, hotlinks, and converging multiple sites Tom's Hardware creates a unique user experience that is dissected and analyzed in this article. By seeing how a forum is successful in marketing, hopefully one will learn more about creating a profit oriented forum.

Marketing and its Flaws

This page compares how to successfully use digital media (in this case memes) as a marketing strategy and how the proper use of rhetoric can greatly increase the sales of a company or product as well as provide a larger audience base to how the use of digital media can go wrong and be distorted and the effects of that on a business/product.

For memes, anyone can use them but not everyone understands them. They are a niche market that can grow exponentially over night if they are universally relatable. However they can also be used to target specific audiences if someone is in a smaller non-national market. It is important to realize who the audience is and the many possible rhetorical uses for a meme. Once someone has understood these steps they can better equip themselves to become successful in digital writing and use not only text but also images to further their products and gain more audience members, who become customers.

Digital writing can have a positive impact if done correctly but it can also have a negative one as a result of the slightest misunderstanding. Because of this, one must thoroughly understand what the purpose of their meme is and the context it is creating. If someone does not do this correctly the meme can be completely misunderstood and lose its audience, and therefore potential customers. There is a fine line between successful and unsuccessful memes and because of this one must be extremely careful to create an effective one.

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