A Lucrative Connection

Music and media have not always been intertwined. In fact, the concept of media is relatively new. Since it's birth in the digital sense, however, it has proven a worthy ally to musicians and ambitious artists of all kinds. This wiki is intended for musicians and any artists looking to make a career out of their craft, as well as for anyone with an interest in Wiz Khalifa, DayToday, or using digital media to further their career. It's purpose is to present a proven, profitable means of self-promotion…a tool that has the potential to jump start a stalled career or give one already on the rise that ultimate boost that it needs to propel it to the top.

From the Ground Up


An explanatory introduction to the series that arguably gave Wiz Khalifa the boost he needed to become one of today's highest earning rap artists. This section also contains links to the videos, as well as a detailed analysis of what made the series effective in increasing his fan base and income.

See DayToday for more details

1,500 to 100,000

This section is dedicated to a microcosmic moment in the series which illustrates the secrets behind the artist's success.

See 1,500 to 100,00 for more details

Cash Kings 2012 (Profitable Pathos)

Finally, this section is the wiki's ultimate answer to the ever-relevant question, "so what?"

See Cash Kings 2012 (Profitable Pathos) for more details

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