Teaching the Tools of Digital Writing


The Wiki page consists of four separate sections that help make it easier for English teachers to teach their students about ways to analyze digital writing. In order to provide the easiest way to break down the subject matter, these sections are divided into; Rhetoric, Genre, Ethnographic Analysis, Application of Digital Media. The entire Wiki takes an academic approach to the subject in order to “teach teachers how to teach” these subjects. Although it is not necessary to teach the subjects in this order, the flow of the site is structured to go from Rhetoric to Genre to Ethnographic Analysis to Application of Digital Media because this follows the structure of a generic lesson plan. It also goes from easier to understand to a much more difficult topic.

The main purpose of this site is to provide an easy guide for you, as teachers, to be able to provide a lesson plan for your students, so that they will be able to understand in the best way possible.


Rhetoric, although being the easiest of the subjects in this outline, is also the most term heavy. It is important that Rhetoric is taught first because it is used in both Genre and Ethnographic Analysis. On this page you will be given definitions to many terms that are used when describing forms of Rhetoric, as well as examples from a paper that helps show how some of these terms are put into practice.

The genre page will explain to teachers what genre is and how it works in digital writing. The page will go over the three main ideas of genre: Genre as a Life Form, the Patterns Genre Hold, and the Community Genre Represents. Teachers can take this information and use it in their individual classrooms as a way of teaching their students how to write about genre. Genre is the second step in the wiki because one must understand and use the tools of rhetoric to make a genre.

Ethnographic Analysis
This page will focus on the practice of ethnography. This is the third step on our wiki because it includes both genre analysis and rhetorical analysis. Not only will there be definitions and notes, but also a step-by-step process on the best way to apply this practice. Each section will include an example from a personal reference that will also include explanation on what to take away as a teacher.

Application of Digital Media
Now that the teacher has learned about the topics of Rhetoric, Genre, and Ethnographic Analysis, the teacher can now explore some examples of how to apply different digital media in the classroom. This wiki page will look at different examples of how the teacher can apply the previous topics into their classrooms by using sources on the web, such as blogger to provide a means of writing as a community to collaborate on issues discussed in a class. This wiki will prepare the teacher for the growing need to make topics more accessible to students who are surrounded by digital media on a daily basis. It will also provide the teacher with resources that can be used in the classroom.

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